THE Complete Feasibility Solution
MarketNsight's groundbreaking Feasibility Matrix® puts the power of decision making at your fingertips. Accurate granular data, coupled with clear graphic analytics, give you the optimum price and square footage to maximize absorption and profitability.
True Cross-Market Compatibility
Gone are the days of looking to multiple data sources for different city markets. MarketNsight leverages the most accurate, global source of new and resale data ‐ the local MLS ‐ presented in a completely unique application, customized for the New Home Industry.
Your Market... In Sight.
Our Current Markets
◈Golden Isles
South Carolina
◈Myrtle Beach
North Carolina
◈Gold Coast
◈Space Coast
John Hunt
John Hunt, graduate of Samford University with a BA in Finance/Economics, is the principal of MarketNsight and president of ViaSearch. Since 1995, John has been analyzing the real estate market across the nation. He worked with the team that predicted the housing downturn as early as September 2005, when letters went out to clients stating that a "Housing Downturn is Imminent!" John is a regular speaker at the Georgia State Economic Forecasting Center’s quarterly conference. When the NAHB projected 977,000 single-family starts nationally and 30,000 for Atlanta in 2016, John went against conventional thinking at the February quarterly conference and accurately predicted 780,000 and 23,000 starts respectively.
Michelle Hunt
Michelle Hunt serves as the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder for MarketNsight, where she is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of the company. In these roles, Michelle has helped establish MarketNsight as a top tier competitor in the south east housing market with its groundbreaking feasibility and regression analysis. Under her management, MarketNsight has consistently achieved year-over-year revenue, profitability, and client and associate growth.

Michelle has over 20 years experience in the housing industry. Before starting with MarketNsight she worked with ViaSearch, a firm focused on housing research and analysis. She was responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction for the company, as well as its human resources and data analysis.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys hiking, attending her alma mater’s football games and spending time with her sons. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama where she earned a Bachelor of Science in health care management and a minor in English.
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